Why the chicken is an extremely intelligent creature

Despite what most people would think, and despite the bad reputation of being a dump and coward, chickens are extremely intelligent according to recent studies. Behaviorally sophisticated creatures, socially smart, inquisitive, and interesting.

The first time I came to such a similar conclusion was when I read George Orwell’s masterpiece Animal farm and I was 16.
In his novel, they were the first to the uprise and lead a rebellion at the farm against the main character Napoleon the pig, and the dictator. They rebelled against injustice and the ideals of the farm, though they were unsuccessful, and rather than giving up their eggs to be sold to the humans, the hens dropped all the eggs and smashed them to pieces, and in response, Napoleon the dictator ordered the hens’ rations to be stopped until they give up, consequently nine of them died over the course of their five days resistance.

What I want to say is that whenever someone calls you a chicken as an insult, remember that you have the guts and see the world according to this fantastic intelligent, and emotional creature.
Fight hard for your dreams and take chances and grab good choices available to advance yourself, to say that you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility, fight for what is right for you.

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