Why chicken are nosey creatures in a good way

Chickens are nosey creatures in a good way, from the beginning of their lives they use small beaks to chip their way out of the eggshells, beaks aren’t just designed to collect food & water or chat.
Beaks actually are full of sensory receptors & nerves that enable chickens to distinguish types of feed & interact with the surroundings, this is coupled with their natural curiosity & love to explore new experiences.

Birds naturally peck at the environment & each other to investigate & work out where they fit into the flock. However, it’s a dangerous weapon that needs to be trimmed to improve livability, by decreasing injuries caused by cannibalism, bullying, feather & vent pecking.

Now if I want to help in solving beak trimming naturally I will go to what technology has to offer. Exceptionally, Roxell breeders feeding pans, are designed with a rough-bottom structure to smooth the bird’s beak, & control its growth while being fed.

When selecting a feeding pan, you’ll look for comfort with easy accessibility to feed, no spillage from feeding pans, & excellent feeding space, & it’s the time for a pan that helps in chicken’s beak’s natural smoothing, & improve the temper.
Warm applause for Roxell & to our customer who took the pictures.

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