WHO came first the chicken or the egg

When it comes to the question of who came first the egg or the chicken, Do you really care?
If we dive deeper into the matter & aside from creation questioning, deduction reasoning is good.
This metaphoric adjective is irritating but challenging when the true meaning lies in our paradoxical thinking.
A controversy describes situations when it is not clear which of the two events should be considered as the cause & which is the effect. Expresses a scenario of infinite regress reflected in a series of propositions where the truth of proposition X requires the support of proposition Y.
The dilemma is that you might have a sequence of reasoning or justifications that can never come to an end. sometimes this infinite regress of causes is repugnant to reason, efficient causing needs to have an original beginning & regression to infinity is quite impossible.

It is somehow similar to a comprehensive tool that encompasses the collection of problem-solving methods to identify the real cause of a failure, a problem & a quality issue. & that is the root cause analysis, which is a brainstorming process of defining, understanding, and solving a problem to prevent future problems.

Instead of thinking about who came first, it’s better to think about how to become first.

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