When the cold knocks your poultry house doors

Here is a good tip for our customers, especially when the cold knocks on your poultry house walls.
Sometimes you think you made all the precautions, but inattentively, something might appear & blow your flock management efforts. One of these subjects is the Heating Fuel Outage, lack of maintenance of poultry house heaters or not checking their readiness to work, & the simple check of the fuel tank or gas lines. It is cold & getting colder, so, you have to check the fuel supply & the quality of the fuel used for the heaters, especially if the water is accidentally mixed with fuel, water will rest in the bottom of the tanks for a long time & without checking it will cause rusting, & most importantly can damage heater burner.

This happened with our customer just one day after receiving his chicks.
We had to run and check the heater, why it stopped working.

Thanks to our technician Amr for saving the day.

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