When heat wave strikes, what you should do 2

In the coming days the country will be struck by a hot heatwave, so poultry professionals what is your advice, what can be done against heat stress?

From New Farm Systems here are some quick tips.
Essential preventive measures for your future rearing program: Optimise the climatic conditions in poultry houses by installing high-quality and effective insulation, ventilation, fans, air conditioning, and/or cooling systems. Check the behavior of the animals to ensure that they are comfortable. In poultry, panting and lifting of the wings are signs of heat stress.

Dietary measures: avoid the use of excess protein (formulate diets with free amino acids instead of crude protein), and replace carbohydrates with fat as an energy source. In broilers, provide the feed during the cooler hours of the night, leaving the lights on to encourage feed intake. Feed laying hens in the late afternoon, and provide extra calcium, to facilitate egg formation during the night. Drinking water should be fresh, clean, and cool. Warm drinking water reduces feed intake. Animals may require extra vitamins, minerals, and bicarbonate during periods. Any other advice is appreciated… And correct us if this is not enough.

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