When heat wave strikes, what you should do 1

When an unprecedented heatwave strikes ( 45C in Amman) we need to highlight the following question.

What are your priorities in managing heat stress?.

In heat-stressed birds, there will be visible (mostly behavioral) & invisible (biological) signs that you should be aware of, signs you know & learned through experience, & If you don’t know ask experts or google them.

In general, appetite is usually depressed by 1.5% for each degree of environment temp rise above 20C, so you should know how to manage birds feed intake, proper feeding timing, quantity, & quality of feed presented.

During heat stress, birds will increase their water intake by 2 – 4 times, so manage watering, quality of water, temperature, & timing.

The key feature of housing that protects your birds from hot weather, which I guess we can’t disagree on is insulation, house design, & location, but most importantly ventilation.

In most cases, you can manage heat-stressed flock through evaporative cooling using Pericool as we do from #whybuypericoli.

Airflow at the bird’s level is key to removing bird’s heat, & increasing ventilation to remove heat from your birds should be your first priority.
Bird’s comfort matters & it is hard work to sustain especially in extreme conditions.

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