What the chicken said: it’s all about my comfort zone not yours

It is quite known by now that to benefit from the full genetic potential of your birds you need to ensure an adequate supply of Oxygen while removing waste products such as CO2, ammonia, and extra moisture.
To guarantee this, minimum ventilation is required for ammonia removal, provision of oxygen to meet bird’s metabolic demands, control relative humidity and maintain good litter quality.

(The minimum ventilation system should be independent of any temperature control system and work best if operated by a cycle timer with temperature override).

In a 5 minutes cycle, the fans will work (on /off) based on this cycle, and change depending on the bird’s age (body weight) and connected with a set point temperature, if the temperature increases above the setpoint, and there was a need for more cooling, the cycle minimum ventilation will be canceled, and transferred to transitional or cooling phase until temperatures return to the normal.

Minimum ventilation is more critical in cold weather because you are putting a lot of money to heat the house to the bird’s comfort zone. Balancing heating and ventilation is a priority.

So listen to what the chicken has to say!!!

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