What if your farm is on power outage and the backup doesn’t work

Generally speaking, power outages can occur because of so many reasons especially when the weather is bad, the loss of power on your farm is quite disturbing. Putting ventilation, heating, feeding & drinking auto-systems at great risk of failure, & can result in economic and flock loss. Preparing your farm can minimize the impact & protect your flock and equipment.

Before an outage, you need to have a backup power source, protect electrical equipment by installing backup systems, & make sure they are working!!! especially for sensitive electronics.
Prepare your own emergency preparedness plan on how to maintain operations on your farm when the power goes out. Definitely have an emergency & backup plan for water & feed resources, heating, & ventilation for your flock, for example, & though it is not commonly a practiced procedure, poultry farms can be equipped with knockout panels for emergency ventilation.

During the power outage, always use backup standby power sources. Unplug or turn off all electrical equipment to prevent electrical surges or spikes when power is eventually restored.

Plan ahead & have the necessary precautions because By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail & you don’t want to hear, the what-if question.

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