Use all your senses to detect poultry signals

Tip of the day
Use all your senses in detecting signals inside your flock house, usually, chickens are good at giving signals of what they really want, it is not a paranormal activity, it is simply biology. So you have to listen, watch, observe & touch, some may go to the extreme & taste (feed). then if you’re willing to talk set and talk to your chickens, you never know they might like your talk & the tune of it.
Studying signals or findings is critical, & what’s more important is the interpretation of the Findings. It is of paramount importance, they are your opportunity to make sense of signals, by situating them in relation to previous ones. In that manner, you learn to distinguish between significant and non-significant & every signal count.
Above all, there is your instinct, ok it is not scientifically valid, but if you balance detecting signals using your senses, your instinct will be a very good tool in management.
don’t worry if you fail in detecting signals & instinct is not reliable, that’s why experts are found. Take all that you have registered & consult but never take things for granted, some signals are hard enough to detect.

Think & act critically about positive & negative findings.

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