Two basic rules to start with in your poultry house management

After a deal of time in poultry management, you’ll get to the point when you realize that all methods of doing things will achieve the same result in the end, then comes a new flock & you realize that’s not totally true, & then you conclude that all paths or activities you follow in your new flock management should lead to the center of things, Healthy flock, better FCR, & the desired weight on selling, which is the core of your business.
Two basic rules in management to start with once you
place chicks in their new house, 1st; healthy little chicks will drink a little bit more water every day as they grow. 2nd; your bird’s environmental needs change during the course of its production cycle.
Once chicks are placed, they should acclimate to the new place for 1 – 2hrs, then validate systems & test all the criteria or standards & make necessary adjustments. Then in the coming days’ monitor closely chicks distribution & use this as an indicator for any problems in feeders, drinkers, ventilation, or heating systems, then the rest is hopefully easier.

Never mind if each time you’ll set a new rule in flock management if you think it is scientifically valid.
Remember your notion is different from anyone else’s in this experience & management starts before chicks’ placement.

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