The principles in your management & preparation of the poultry house for the winter

The key principle in your management & preparation of the poultry house for the winter is the yearly inspection of house heaters, house insulation, air infiltration, air leaks, & a smart farmer will know these necessary inspections can save the flock’s lives & save some money in his pocket.

Certainly, some parameters can make a difference like proper ventilation in cold winter, where most farmers tend to decrease ventilation which can be the worst thing that happens during winter, & the proper distribution of heat in the house with the help of circulation fans. where poor heat distribution can have a negative effect on birds’ uniformity.

Winter ventilation basically depends on the fact that warm air holds more water than cold air, therefore a controlled minimum ventilation rate uses the limited quantity of cold, dry outside air like a sponge. As a requirement of a correctly operated minimum ventilation, it should include moisture removal, provision of oxygen to meet bird’s metabolic demand, control of relative humidity, & maintain a good litter quality.

Several problems during cold weather are traced to poor ventilation, & moisture removal is one of the key features of cold weather ventilation.

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