The Perfect Product for the Perfect Job (Haikoo feeding pans)

New Farm Systems current Project: Installing Feeding systems in 6 broiler houses in Mr. Majd Al. Bestoni Farms, located in Irbid. Using the HaiKoo® full range system from Roxell, which consists of a grill feeder for light, medium, and heavy broilers. HaiKoo® oval shape allows the broilers to optimally use the available house space while facilitating access to the drinking lines.

It ensures a fantastic start-up of day-olds, by the low pan edge which allows easy access to the feed. optimal eating comfort and feeding space with a pan full of feed.
Offers up to 14% more birds per pan than most standard broiler pans.

Excellent control over feed costs, eliminates practically all feed waste. The control unit ensures fast and frequent delivery of fresh feed, leading to superior hygiene and outstanding feed conversion rates. The special cone wings prevent birds from flicking the feed.
The adapted model for cages, and the adapted model for heavy broilers (> 3 kg), meet the need for greater feed intake at the end of the flock.
HaiKoo® for heavy broilers holds twice the amount of feed compared with the standard HaiKoo®-pan.

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