The Perfect Product for the Perfect Job (Exhaust and Air circulation Fans)

When we hear the why question, we inevitably get uncertain and then irritated, nobody likes the why?. However, in business, it is intriguing and important.
Professionals, often know that they want specific technology, however, it is half the way to an awareness of why they want it. Behind each why there should be what is a purpose of selecting certain technology?
As we all try to get more efficient at work and achieve higher goals, we need to ask why and what.
We can’t just keep doing things the way we used to do, we have to expand and improve. In the way of trying to improve, detach from old ways of doing things (what) and old ways of thinking (why).
ACF26: Cylindrical Air Circulation Fan, housing in galvanized steel with double safety nets, Aerodynamic impeller in aluminum alloy.
EOC53s: Upgraded Exhaust fan with air outlet cone, thanks to the “venturi effect”, achieve very high efficiency and a reduction of operational costs, wall housing in galvanized steel, shutter blades made of aluminum, ensuring high corrosion resistance even in a very aggressive environment.

Installed just recently at Mohannad Hawari Farms, Al. Halabat,1st stage installation, 2 barns each capacity 25000 birds

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