Scale your risks from farm to fork

At the heart of the basic concept of providing sustainable food for the future, is the right adherence to current knowledge, identifying the gaps in knowledge & technology, & risk mitigation in the chain from farm to fork.

We might think the knowledge gap which contradicts advancements in the poultry sector is the big issue when there is quite a huge discrepancy between what is known & what should be known & done, but in this particular sector, there’s a fatal domino effect with certain things we do.

It’s about risk management, & we have a lot to learn, we still trying to identify & comprehend the major players in risk characterization; like disease outbreaks, cost of feed, medications, vaccines, & quality-related issues. The fragility of the flocks & so many issues.

These covariant risks are detrimental & an integral part of the high-cost inputs compared to the lower output income.

Then what keeps the chain from the farm to the fork from not breaking & helps it to sustain?
It is risk assessment, characterization, knowing the likelihood of the risk occurring, consequence, & Impact starting from the farm and to the end customer.

Scale your Risks and Skills, & be proactive and active from the farm to the fork chain.
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