Our QC tip (Broiler preplacement

I really admire this basic rule in QC “do what you say & say what you do”, this is how simple QC can be. Putting some QC in your work is the most intriguing subject that most farmers struggle with. It is not easy to enforce a quality system, speaking about basics, in your management of the flock. There are so many factors that contribute to your successful flock management, but above all is having a systematic & efficient management program that is put in place & QC checked. Start with the simplest, make a checklist of what is important to make your management at the top, and start with a list for chicks’ preplacement checks.

The main importance of the checklist is to call attention to various aspects of your management & to see that nothing important is overlooked. And your response to it is part of being a successful farm manager.

If you say that you do checks on your farm, then do them in real & make a simple checklist logbook.

Farming is not only about having the best technology in poultry housing, which makes it easy for you to have successful management, it is also about the QC program you ably & establish using the simplest ways for best rearing experiences, now Share with us your checklist.

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