Noisy Chickens are Biologically Normal

Noisy chickens are biologically normal, by this noise they communicate to you & to each other, that everything is ok or wrong.
The cluck sound is what you’ll hear when the chicken is relaxed, waiting for food, or looking for a nest. It also might be a way to understand problems you have in your management but according to our observations, this could be true in extreme conditions, like when you have poor ventilation for a while and you start to hear, sniffing, sneezing, gasping & so many sounds.
When you act deaf you believe there is nothing wrong, & the hearing is believing that something needs to be fixed.
Acting deaf is an attitude you chose to take & that is not smart farming.
Farming smart is when you adopt all precautionary management tools to hear normal chicken sounds, you don’t want to hear awkward sounds & we don’t want you to depend on these sounds solely as rule in flock management.
Ask your self you want your chickens to calm down, be noisy, or call for help.
Decoding chicken sounds is not your way in farm management, decode chicken’s needs.
Here is a rule you can continue using, hitting a bucket when you want to inspect your chicken’s behavior, you can assess chicks’ reactions and immediately select the ones that don’t respond, and you’ll hear sounds you want to hear.

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