Lean thinking in the turbulent poultry industry

Today’s insight.
The agriculture and poultry sector, in particular, is sure a turbulent environment, and everything is changing either so quickly or aggressively, including the smallest things like flock behavior, environment, economy, and productivity, all are intriguing.
In this sector, hardships arise from the inability to watch and monitor essential processes on an hourly, daily basis. On the other hand, we have some human activity that absorbs resources but creates no value to the process, the non-added value activities which we call waste.

In your business what you should value the most is doing the right thing at the right time and removing the things that don’t add or have value.
By lean thinking, you deliver value from your customer’s perspective while removing waste, and your output will be high productivity and lower costs.

Recent studies showed that adopting lean thinking in agricultural firms has the potential to increase profitability by 5.6%, this means adopting the lean thinking values starting from problem-solving, philosophy, people, and processes.

Lean is a quality and productivity concept, where cooperation, structure, information, and interaction are improved and guide you through successful business.

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