In your way to progress scale yourself before scaling your business

2020 was a leveraged lesson on business scaling vs growth, it was the mark to reset, and rescale to maintain growth. This year taught us how to evaluate, plan in a whole new different way, secure our plans, invest, & outsourcing strategies.
Scale your business, starting by solving the most dynamic element that can slow the progress of any business which is complexity, the reflection of complexity in your processes & business strategies is like a mirror of your complex way of thinking as a professional, so learn how to make things simple.

It’s the perfect time to have a well-communicated vision and strategy that spotlights your goals & leads your employees towards that vision, with a clear conscious that you opt to change your course during scaling or reemploy visions if your strategies fail or prove to be not effective for progress.

During scaling focus on customer satisfaction, it’s a surefire that good or bad customer experience is contagious.

Invest in your employees, train, attract talents, reward & value but communicate & define responsibilities, accountabilities & job descriptions.

Seriously, be open-minded, stay tuned with the industry & quality systems, delegate responsibilities & let others lead if they show potential & passion.
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