How To keep your feeding lines fully operational

The key to good customer service is building good relationships with your customers, and the best way to deliver the service is by first knowing your products, their technical pits, and falls, having a creative problem-solving mind, responding quickly, helping customers help themselves if possible, focus your support on them, and actively listen to your customer and to the market demand.

Personalize your services to effectively help them sustain in the best possible way by defining the weaknesses and strengths and offering effective maintenance follow-up.

Here is a service call to the National Farms Co. for their Layers Breeders Farms.

To keep your feeding lines fully operational we advise.

• Keep the lines leveled, otherwise you will see wear and tears in the tubes (damages and corrosions)

• Keep foreign bodies (stones, metals) from adhering to the feed and feed lines because they could clog the lines and break the auger tubes.

• Keep some essential parts in the feeding line oiled-lubricated to prevent rusting (winch, anchor assay).

Glad to serve you National Farms Co.

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