Water the Elixir of life: Early access to water and Feed

What is really fascinating is when you see small chicks driven by thirst, by the need for the mother of invention, & because water is the elixir of life, & they are curious creatures, small chicks start to search for water source by hitting or tapping their peaks on the nipple drinkers edges to see if water will eventually drop.

Chickens have a distinct sense of taste & they are more sensitive to flavors in water than to the flavors in feed, though having fewer taste buds compared to other animals, their sense is well defined, & because the majority of taste buds are located in the back of their mouth, by the time the chicken taste the water it’s too late to change its mind & spit it out. It is a sensation they experience after consumption.

The sense of taste guides an animal to what it should eat, for us water is tasteless, but for chickens, water is of distinct taste It is a strong stimulant for them to consume more.

So make sure that the water quality is pleasant to taste, clean free from contaminants, and hazardous materials & cool.

Always check the quality of water & temperature at both ends of the line, and test water pressure out the nipples.

A good rule of thumb for flow rate: is the age of the birds in days plus 20ml/min.

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