Early Access to Water and Feed (2)

It is just another nice coincidence, to receive the following video from a friend for his new flock settling in their rearing house, this video shows how much it is important to have early access to water and feed on the performance of these little cute creatures. The first 14 days of chicks’ life after hatching are extremely significant which sets the bar for successful flock management. Immediate access of chicks to specific caloric nutrients and water enhances a bird’s growth rate, yolk utilization, gastrointestinal development, immune system stimulation, etc. And eventually, the overall bird’s performance can be enhanced. Early feeding, obviously is not practiced routinely due to practical aspects like differences in the hatching periods of different chicks of the same batch and time consideration of sorting, sexing, vaccination, packaging, and transport of chicks which prolong the fasting period of birds. some farmers may consider early feeding may burden them with additional costs. However, experience and studies revealed that early feeding has so many outstanding effects resulting in superior performance at the marketing age with good profit and the extra cost of early feeding can be compensated.

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