Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The day you fully comprehend the fact that your chickens are not only a stake of meat or bunch of eggs, everything changes. They are creatures of great potential with great sensory abilities. The day you can assess, and understand their cognitive capacities, your performance, not theirs, will get better to gain their full potential. It is all about understanding their ability to sense and react as well as yours.
The basic fact here is that chickens have receptors that give them the ability to feel pain, temperature, pressure, destress & so many others, & instead of telling you to put yourself in their shoe! Put yourself under their feathers.

For instance, chickens have the ability to smell high concentrations of substances (e.g ammonia), but ironically they have special nerves which make it painful to do so.

The solution: make risk analysis vs actions, define the susceptibilities & weaknesses in your management & chickens, define the risks associated with them, then make actions.

Consider good nutrition versus phase feeding, feed structure, intake, digestion, & even presenting it in the most convenient way. Good drinking, sustaining good health & biosecurity.
Good housing, and management way before day 1.
Know what else, then sense & react.
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