Don’t kill the hen who laid the golden egg

Do you know the moral lesson of the goose that laid golden eggs, it is that we must not let things we desire eagerly manipulate us to get that thing, then get distracted & destroy the source of benefits by shifting our attention from the things that matter the most.
If you want your business to thrive & to meet your ambitions or expectations, here is a piece of good advice in business development, don’t kill the goose!!!

Profit as a sole objective in your company mission or vision is definitely short-sighted, you need to design an approach or a strategic plan for your business development & sustainability in which you communicate your dedication and commitment to each particular standard in the system you adopt or apply in your business to enforce quality in your work.

Your business will grow if it’s more competitive, expanding products line or services, and concurring new markets, by improving customer satisfaction. An approach in business that is resilient, farsighted, & with quality broad perspectives and prospects, makes a balance for short & long-run goals.

A business approach with excelled profitability is simply a commitment to quality & performance which really starts with you.
Now ask your self do I want the goose or the golden egg?

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