completed the newest version of Broiler Breeder with automatic nest (the first in Jordan).(2)

Gibran Khalil Gibran Said “much of your pain the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self”, & also said, “All that is bitter, it too shall pass”.

We will remember 2020, no doubt. The year we exaggerated the elegance of its number arrangement. But I hope we can remember it as the year “we all in it together”, the year when we all stopped counting winnings or achievements & started counting blessings. Though we are physically distanced but mentally & socially close, we will remember that we cared & wanted to thrive in the best way available.
And if the core meaning of life is profoundly concise by the way we comprehend it & that is a balance between holding & letting go, we chose to hold on to all positive things & let go of the negative things that happened to us or around us.

After all, we are what we believe we are, we are what we think we are not what others think who we are, will try to stay the way we are & what we are repeatedly doing because excellence is not an act it is a habit.

So will carry the same habits, the same amount of enthusiasm & hope for the next.

From New Farm Systems & partners, Happy New Year & Big Thanks to you.
MARWAN HAWARISamir Al NazerSabri SabbahAmr SalamehOsama Romeah