Completed the newest version of Broiler Breeder with automatic nest (the first in Jordan).(2)

We can all agree that there are so many pillars for poultry business success, but to us, I can relate our business to the following “the P pillars”:
People, your people or the team whom you rely on to do the required tasks, & the customer who is willing to go with you the extra mile, who has faith in what you do & in what you offer.
Plan, your plan which meets the customer’s plan toward a successful & evolving business.
Process, in which you set a timeline & a working outline for every detail in the process from preparation, and installation until completing the project
The Products you offer, when you’re pretty sure that what you provide is the best available in the market & your customer way to rear a successful flock & you know what you offer will solve problems not create problems.

Profit, when it is a win-win situation, your customer excels in business is a win for you.

Our Passion is of huge importance in running the business, but our Purpose in developing a Poultry business is the key & the power that drives & encourages us and the fuel that gives us the motivation to be Persistent when problems arise & we can’t give up on it.

Al.Ayob Broiler Breeder Farms, two houses 10000 birds each

Using the new koozii nesting system from

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