Climatic control at your poultry house using best available technology

Climatic conditions in poultry houses affect birds severely when climatic conditions are not set to the standards. Birds are more prone to respiratory, digestive, and behavioral disorders. Flock health status increases the optimum feed utilization. If Animals are not healthy don’t expect them to perform well. The younger the animals, the higher their production level, and the more sensitive they become to the climatic conditions in the house. Climate factors should be installed carefully and measured at an animal level: Temperature, Relative humidity, Air composition, Airspeed, air movement, and Light.
Other factors that influence climate conditions and bird’s microclimate; are insulation of the roof, walls, and floor, ventilation, heating, cooling, and lighting

The first 14 days of a chick’s life sets the standard for good performance, the added work in the brooding phase will reward the final flock performance, the key is to maximize bird performance through providing a consistent housing environment and utilizing the best technology in rearing.

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