Chicken master coping with the covid19 pandemic

Pretending that everything is Ok is draining, let’s admit that the past months were challenging, & hard, & most of us got affected by this pandemic. No one knows if it’s going to get harder but definitely, we are hoping not to get depressed about how much it will last. We all try to cope with the covid19 era. Personally, I think coping with depression associated with it is hard, & we can’t just will ourselves to snap out of it easily.
Master coping with hope, because hope is that thing with feathers, colorful feathers. We can’t deny that there is suffering & troubles, especially in the poultry sector. denial is like going colorblind and constantly telling people Yayy the world is colorful and the chicken has feathers when it’s molting.
It is OK to let the chicken molt, it is a natural process because it is temporary & eventually, new feathers will grow. And your chicken will produce.
Now, I chose to reach out, stay connected, look for support, do things that make me feel good, and enjoy everything. get a daily dose of good reading, & challenge negative thoughts then get moving. Finally admit that we are having difficulties we are all in the same boat & life is not colorful, but I chose to search for colorful feathers.

What is a chicken without feathers?

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