Broiler house Neat clean work

Sometimes you can only admire a neat & clean work achievement, it is the booster for confidence to continue with the same passion.
Through years in the poultry business cleaning up small messes before they grow is a well-learned simple life lesson & is highly valued, we all want to get better so you need to start talking about quality work, cleaning any mess & take pride in what you do.
It is also about not getting blinded by the chaos in the business, but using your instinct & tendency to achieve neatness, cleanliness, & tidiness in your poultry house, not for your own comfort but for that creature that is called the Chicken. You want your flock to be reared in comfort, & to do so your solution to any logical problem that might get in your way is by setting neat, focused standards to start within poultry housing.

You will eventually cultivate the taste of using proper Knowledge, proper technology & neat achievements, & it is true everybody wins.

Fully Automated Project in progress in Alkherbeh AlSamra
Rearing capacity 35,000 birds/house.

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