A very important poultry management tip

Poultry Management tip: Correct control & balance between heat production and heat loss is needed for the bird’s optimal performance. Effective temperature (E.T) a bird experiences is an important factor in regulating heat loss. E.T is the combination of the actual air temp & velocity. Air cooling is very effective in cooling birds during hot weather (wind chill effect -WCE). The higher the airflow is, the higher the cooling effect, & when birds feel cool they show a better state of well-being; they consume more feed and gain weight with higher conversion rates.
The challenge is to determine how much air movement equals, & cooling is required, which determines the proper house air temp. Premium WCE can be achieved if you consider: the bird’s age (younger- smaller sized birds; require smaller -less powerful airflow). Don’t rely on wind chill charts that refer to specific temps, you should consider Temp fluctuation, as the temp decline, the WCE increases, bearing in mind that there is a greater degree of difference between air & birds. There is a lot to gain or win with the installation of a proper ventilation system taking into account WCE. Fan maintenance, keeping the shutters system clean, & properly tensioned belt is a great contributors. Calculate WCE in the climate design phase.

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