A highlight on temperature control in poultry houses

While reviewing some catalogs this morning, we thought we should highlight temperature control.
High fluctuations in house temp will result in stressed chicks and affect feed consumption, these fluctuations will result in additional energy expenditure to maintain body temp.
You should make sure to have a consistent housing environment, consistent ambient, and floor temp for chicks.
20°C is the critical temp for layers and for each 1°C drop than 20°C, the birds require an extra 1.5g of feed/day. The most efficient temps for layers are between 20 – 24°C, however, with any rise in temperatures above 24°C, shell quality, and egg weight will decline.
In broilers and rearing birds, the critical temp is highly dependent on age, and the recommended temps should be amended to local situations as necessary. for broilers 1st day: 32-34°C, 1st-wk decrease: 30°C, 2nd-wk decrease: 26°C, 3rd-wk decrease: 22°C and 4th-wk decrease: 20°C.
The key point: is that your bird’s behavior by far is the best indicator of correct environmental conditions (bird’s visible comfort). So what you want, your birds to be comfortable in their comfort zone. Stay a step ahead for the comfort of your birds and pick the right technology (Combiterm, Agriterm, Pericool, Lumina37).

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