A chickens worst nightmare can be the sweetest day dream for a farmer

A dedicated poultry farmer takes care of everything on his farm and would do whatever it takes for successful flock management. After all, what ultimately matters is having a healthy and profitable flock, which might be a stressful thing to constantly think about. Unfortunately, sometimes there will be one thing that might get in his/her way, and that something might become his/her worst nightmare.

If you’re a poultry production specialist, nutritionist, veterinarian, or industry specialist, and if you were in his/her shoes what do you think a farmer’s worst nightmare would be?

For me, three things that crossed my mind, are disease outbreaks, failure to comply or comprehend good management practices, and price fluctuation when marketing (demand versus supply).

Seriously, what is the first thing that crossed your mind, let us share your opinion?

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