A chicken with an attitude, Ask the expert

I guess if you ask any expert in poultry rearing, what is the first thing that draws your attention the first thing you enter a poultry rearing house? I think he would answer.
The smell, chicks or birds’ behavior when feeding, drinking, or huddling, and the presence of dust.
All are related to a huge extent to ventilation, housing environment ambient and climatic conditions, and flock management.
In a properly designed and well-equipped, managed house these three observations, or signs if well interpreted in the eyes of an expert, will be controlled and fixed without any obvious loss in the flock.
A consistent housing environment and management will result in higher flock performance and give you healthier birds.
Today’s Farming technology offers the best available solutions to put all your bird’s housing management inputs under control, ventilation, Environmental and climatic parameters, feeding, and drinking. All are smart solutions for smart rearing, and definitely for a profitable farming business.

But If you ask me, the first thing I will observe is a bird with an attitude. Farm management is an attitude and attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference and makes your birds content.

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