101 lesson in poultry housing

One of the 101 lessons in poultry housing is the air composition, quality in the barn, a factor of paramount importance no argue about that. & as a rule, you have to promote your flock health & sustainability by making some measures in this regard, such as removing excess moisture, preventing condensation on the ceiling, walls, floor, or on the litter. Consider reducing RH, odors, harmful gases like CO, Ammonia, or any contaminants including dust & airborne microorganisms or any byproducts wastes.

This is achieved by the efficient provision of fresh air & removing the stale confined air. All of these ensure the comfort of the flock is maintained in varying climatic conditions.
In your chase to do so, as early as in the design phase of your poultry house, you need to carefully select the most necessary component in your mechanical ventilation; The Exhaust fan, a fan that has a tested performance & highly efficient.

Here is a choice for your poultry house, EOS-53 exhaust fan From Termotecnica Pericoli (Bess lab certified).
Have a look at our technical team assembling the greatest exhaust fan on the market.

Now, try to guess the soundtrack in the video, I bet only ’80s & ’70s generations might figure it out!!

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