The Staff

Business success is partially due to so many reasons, and among is the personality of their employees or in our case, the team of professionals, along with their ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. And ofcourse due to their extensive technical knowledge.Good Morning from Our team of professionals who make us at the head of… Continue reading The Staff

Mr. Marwan Hawari

The 1st time I get to know Eng. Marwan Hawari was in Provimi Jordan, & when introduced to him they called Him the Dr. He was a regular in his visits & used to fill the place with cheers & laughs. By the time I learned that Dr was a nickname to praise him, &… Continue reading Mr. Marwan Hawari

Mr. Tareq Salameh

I read somewhere about the Great General managers and what they do in common, they shape the work environment, they set business strategies, allocate resources, develop future general managers, build a well-established organization or pull it out to further success and definitely they oversee all the related operations, I will add to this they are… Continue reading Mr. Tareq Salameh