Some Days Chickens, Some Days Feathers

The ABCs in Starting your successful Poultry house projcets

Some days Chickens & some days feathers, an idiom in my language means; sometimes you succeed & sometimes you fail, this is how risky the poultry business is.

Actually, this is so true when you’re a poultry farmer, especially when you think of the vast challenges a farmer has to face on daily basis during flock management. 

Since disease control, high production & product or meat quality, & reasonable production costs are the recent main goals of the poultry industry, it is every farmer’s agony to meet such goals.
However, nowadays advances in the poultry sector are huge, great, & meant to reduce the feather days in farmer’s life.

The way we see it poultry production in so many ways can be hindered by various factors & using sound management practices are very essential to optimize production, while using science & advanced technology in management aims to maximize investment again so farmer’s days are all chickens.

So a farmer’s focus areas need to be sharpened in several things but most importantly on the following 

🎯 Focus on Biosecurity pre, during, & post-placement.
🎯 Careful focus on the downtime between flocks cycles
🎯 In your preplacement preparations bear in mind some checkpoints, especially ventilation systems, heating, feeding & drinking, temperatures including floor temperature, & RH.
🎯 It’s crucial also to check what the industry has to offer & the best solutions to maintain your flock’s intestinal integrity, especially for coccidiosis prevention.
🎯 Brooding management & ensuring a really good start for your flock by the early access to sufficient nutritious feed & fresh healthy water. 
🎯 Feed & water management (quality meets quantity)
🎯 Manage stocking density
🎯 Never neglect Flock’s litter management
🎯 Environmental management, including house & bird temperatures, RH, ventilation, & lighting all properly calculated.
🎯 It is also necessary to monitor the flock’s behavior & welfare during times of transition which begin from day one when birds are placed & brooding or when feed changes as the birds grow.

🎯 However you shouldn’t forget to keep an eye on your management program, equipment, programs sirenes, & periodical maintenance. Then while keeping an eye on all the steps all the way, do mortality checks, & cull diseased birds as early as possible.

🎯 Above all put a well-designed program for your own flock’s health management, don’t use speculations or your own judgment, just connect with those who know it the best.

Finally, communicate & keep updated on what the technology has to offer, soon your days will become chickens, No longer feathers.

A return customer, & a real good renovation of his old barns with a new perspective of poultry management,  See images of his renovation.