Innovation Brings Success; Fancom product highlight Lumina37

Innovation really brings success, is the least expected answer for an intriguing question we keep asking ourselves what is the healthy climate for chickens, and what does technology have to offer to it?.

In the current burden of escalating global warming, we are facing a wide array of radical climate risks and we should act stringently in solving or reducing these effects to create a healthy climate for the poultry industry.

A healthy climate is a climate that doesn’t bring stress or affect birds’ organs or their livelihoods or reduce their life expectancy.

While there are so many cornerstones in a healthy climate, controlling it is a must. Smart climate solutions must, therefore, make poultry houses more resilient to severe weather impacts, and better protect the health of your birds.

For a healthy chicken, innovation in technology concepts like the MTT from Fancom reflected by smart products is a real smart act.

Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT) is one of Fancom’s thinking forward advanced ventilation systems, it provides an even healthy climate in your flock houses that are based on a gradual transition from the minimum to the maximum ventilation throughout the production cycle.

Here is a product used by our customers for a properly controlled climate which improved his animal’s performance, and saved on energy costs for ventilation, heating, and lighting. According to our customer with Fancom’s LUMINA37, controlling a profitable climate was never easier. But there is more, registering, dosing feed, water, and lighting control are standard features.

Our Customer also installed Fantura Fancom’s unique air inlet system that ensured a constant, even supply of fresh air into the house in all conditions. It put an end to cold air dropping down onto the birds, and the litter stayed dry and avoided foot problems. The birds stayed healthy and grew better, eventually, their consistent growth conditions improved uniformity.

Our advice is to figure out how to gain more, through a healthy climate using smart concepts in rearing poultry flocks, using smart technology, just the way our customer did.