Here we go, we are in Iraq

Our First turnkey project in Alanbar

Here is an excellent project Kickoff, and to explain it properly we will use the letter D.

D is for different, D for defining your goals, Define the people you’ll work with, Define your work, the quality of work you aim for, D for developing plans that work, save time and money.

D when you Delegate smartly, execute and monitor, communicate and collaborate effectively.

After all, D is for Do it Differently and with Dedication.

So Do you Know how to recognize a perfectly done project, it is the one done with a great mix of the best available technology, and the Know-How, who have people in charge who are willing to change and willing to Do it to the extra mile, If you know, then you’ll discover the inner beauty of poultry housing and technology?

Iraq and our first phase kickoff project in Al Anbar.

  • Feeding, Drinking Systems & Silos From Roxell
  • Ventilation, Cooling and heating Systems From Termotecnica Pericoli
  • Lighting Systems From Signify
  • Smart house control system From Fancom