Turnkey Projects Starts and Ends with Dedication

Having someone who provides really good service is a great opportunity and part of your success. That means basically a professional installation and maintenance of what we provide to you, with the help of our experts we thrive to lead toward successful projects so all that you have to do is to lean on us… Continue reading Turnkey Projects Starts and Ends with Dedication

How Do We Do things!!

An assembly of a line is a hard job to refine, and in our perspective starts when you learn something about everything, and everything about something, then put it into practice, it is all about details. press on the link to see the video: Ghada Salameh on LinkedIn: #roxell #feed #poultry #poultrytechnology #poultryhousing #farmers #farm…

The Staff

Business success is partially due to so many reasons, and among is the personality of their employees or in our case, the team of professionals, along with their ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. And ofcourse due to their extensive technical knowledge.Good Morning from Our team of professionals who make us at the head of… Continue reading The Staff

Mr. Marwan Hawari

The 1st time I get to know Eng. Marwan Hawari was in Provimi Jordan, & when introduced to him they called Him the Dr. He was a regular in his visits & used to fill the place with cheers & laughs. By the time I learned that Dr was a nickname to praise him, &… Continue reading Mr. Marwan Hawari

Mr. Tareq Salameh

I read somewhere about the Great General managers and what they do in common, they shape the work environment, they set business strategies, allocate resources, develop future general managers, build a well-established organization or pull it out to further success and definitely they oversee all the related operations, I will add to this they are… Continue reading Mr. Tareq Salameh

Turnkey Projects; start and ends with dedication. ( JOVAC’s SPF Unit)

New Farm systems specialized in building poultry houses as turnkey projects and is active in upgrading existing farms from an open system to a closed system no matter how big or small the project is New Farm Systems carry it with high commitment and dedication. to make sure that our customers are satisfied and gladly… Continue reading Turnkey Projects; start and ends with dedication. ( JOVAC’s SPF Unit)

Turnkey Projects; start and ends with dedication, the basics.

Setting the foundation of a new project for a Broiler house mainly consists of * constructing the steel structure, and the civil work. *Sandwich panel. And installing appropriate equipment; like automated feeding and drinking equipment, heating, cooling, and ventilation; smart climate, feeding, drinking control systems, biometric systems, sensors, and weighing systems.And in these basic three… Continue reading Turnkey Projects; start and ends with dedication, the basics.

Turnkey Projects; starts and ends with dedication (Al.Shanab Farms)

Great Projects and Profitable businesses start by consulting the right people, professional planning, and definitely using the best available technology in poultry housing, pictures taken from the installation stage in one of the New Farm systems projects. See the original: (1) Post | LinkedIn

Poultry Business Pillars of Success

We can all agree that there are so many pillars for poultry business success, but to us, I can relate our business to the following “the P pillars”:People, your people or the team whom you rely on to do the required tasks, & the customer who is willing to go with you the extra mile,… Continue reading Poultry Business Pillars of Success

Occupational Hazards; a fun story

Occupational Hazards are of so many types and the best way to deal with them is summarized with the following right to the point saying; you may not know the whole alphabet of safety, but the ABC of it will save you if you follow; Always Be Careful.In New Farm Systems, the technical team is… Continue reading Occupational Hazards; a fun story