Mr. Tareq Salameh

I read somewhere about the Great General managers and what they do in common, they shape the work environment, they set business strategies, allocate resources, develop future general managers, build a well-established organization or pull it out to further success and definitely they oversee all the related operations, I will add to this they are Greater when they are self-made managers, and they are greater when their fingerprints don’t fade easily, quite the contrary their fingerprints found everywhere they go…

Mr. Tareq Salameh; New Farm systems Co-founder and General Manager.
BSc in Animal Production- University of Jordan1994
MSc in Agricultural Business – University of Jordan2003
From 1994 – 1996 as a farm manager in Sinokrot group
From 1996 – 1997 as a sales manager in Hammoudeh group
From 1997 – 2006 as Regional sales manager in Provimi Jordan
From 2006 – present: Co-founder and General Manager of New Farm Systems.
On the personal level, he is dedicated, loyal, humble, passionate toward his work, strongly opinionated about his convections. and known in this field in Jordan as a strong advocate on farmer’s rights and an advocate for the growth of the agricultural sector in Jordan.