Mr. Marwan Hawari

The 1st time I get to know Eng. Marwan Hawari was in Provimi Jordan, & when introduced to him they called Him the Dr. He was a regular in his visits & used to fill the place with cheers & laughs. By the time I learned that Dr was a nickname to praise him, & a reflection of his vast knowledge in animal production. For me and for those who knew him, he is not a Dr. he is an encyclopedia, & smart people are the best encyclopedia.

30 years of experience as breeders, layers & broilers farms manager & supervisor, as Technical manager in animal nutrition, feed formulation, premixes & feed manufacturing in
Hammoudeh group (1979–2010).
In 2010–2013 joined us as sales support, then 2013-2014 in Saudi grand patents projects Co as sales manager
2014–2016 Poultry branch manager, then feed mill manager and grandparents project manager in ASTRA.
2016 – 2019, he joined (ACOLID) as a grandparent project manager. Then he joined us again.
Passion for work is that intense enthusiasm & excitement for what you do, & the difference between doing it & getting it done well.

Eng. Marwan is a great example for most of us in the poultry field in Jordan on how to keep your passion awaken, work with passion but live big.
Pictures In Mr. Qasem Alayob breeders farm with Eng. Saed Alzoubi.